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Dr. Marx joined the Precision Engineering Consortium as a member of the technical staff after graduating with his doctorate degree.

During his PhD he worked on manufacturing and testing of metal foam technologies for a variety of engineering applications. He has helped develop composite metal foam armors to protect against ballistic threats and blast and fragment impact as well as investigate their use for aerospace and tank car applications.

He joins the PEC with an interest in material manufacturing and testing.

Outside of work he enjoys hiking with his wife, daughter, and dog.

Selected Publications

    1. Marx, J., & Rabiei, A. (2017). Overview of composite metal foams and their properties and performance. Advanced Engineering Materials, 19(11), 1600776.
    2. Marx, J., Portanova, M., & Rabiei, A. (2018). A study on blast and fragment resistance of composite metal foams through experimental and modeling approaches. Composite Structures, 194, 652-661.
    3. Marx, J., Portanova, M., & Rabiei, A. (2019). Ballistic performance of composite metal foam against large caliber threats. Composite structures, 225, 111032.
    4. Marx, J. C., Robbins, S. J., Grady, Z. A., Palmieri, F. L., Wohl, C. J., & Rabiei, A. (2020). Polymer infused composite metal foam as a potential aircraft leading edge material. Applied Surface Science, 505, 144114.
    5. Marx, J., & Rabiei, A. (2020). Tensile properties of composite metal foam and composite metal foam core sandwich panels. Journal of Sandwich Structures & Materials. Online Publication.
    6. Marx, J., & Rabiei, A. (2020) Study on the Microstructure and Compression of Composite Metal Foam Core Sandwich Panels, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A. Online Publication.
    7. Chen, S., Marx, J., & Rabiei, A. (2016). Experimental and computational studies on the thermal behavior and fire retardant properties of composite metal foams. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 106, 70-79.
    8. Rabiei, A., Portanova, M., Marx, J., Scott, C. and Schwandt, J. (2020), A Study on Puncture Resistance of Composite Metal Foam Core Sandwich Panels. Advanced Engineering Materials. Online Publication.


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Phone (919) 515-3977
E-mail jcmarx@ncsu.edu
Office location Room 111, Research Building 1, Centennial Campus
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